Finger Tracing

First, I painted

the universe on your back

and kissed the stars

I’d carefully crafted within

the lines of your skin.

Next, I took inspiration

from the depression

of your collarbone,

earlobes and where

your shoulder blades meet,

to sketch whispers

of celestial dust

and the curve of the Earth

from far away.

Then, I held on,

curdling meteorite

and oxygen,

my pink pressure leaving

yellow lilac imprints on

the milky galaxy,

here, in front of me.


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25 thoughts on “Finger Tracing

  1. zaroffpoetry says:

    Well penned poem.
    i loved the style and imagery you painted with so i wrote an inspired apparition piece.
    you had me at collarbone .

    Who knew the stars had lips to Casablanca kiss
    backs to paint universes on
    over freckles
    and scars cut strait from the past

    abducting shoulders along struts
    catwalks of beauty
    whispers were cross hatching on an etch-a-sketch
    vector graphics

    wild n’ widely scattered
    you saddled the wind
    skirts and twists
    pale violet

    and it’s one hundred million stars
    pulling me to you

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