What woke you?

To the red head in the window.

I didn’t see your face,

as well as I would have liked.

But, my being on the street

and you in a second floor window,

staring just didn’t seem right.

But, it was 7am and the sun was rising

and there we were, two red heads alike,

already risen.

You, in all black, and I, wrapped up in wool.

The wind wasn’t howling,

in fact, the air was still.

But, it was cold

and you had your windows closed

to the world.

I would have liked to have asked

‘What woke you?’

Your hair was already pulled back,

severe and contained.

‘What drew you to the window?’

with empty hands and curtains peeled.

Our eyes never met

and yet, in you I saw the woman I always see,

it was nothing to do with red solidarity,

but the way your skin paled pastel

in the ever reaching sun

and your bent chin spoke of the sorrow

which comes with letting too many people in.

So, I turn my head away,

to leave you to the peace

we had found together but apart,

two strangers with sunset hearts.


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