All I Knew

This, by Sarah, is beautiful ❤️

Heartstring Eulogies

“I realized you weren’t my strength —
you made me see mine. So when I fell,
I knew you’d catch me.”

My entire life, I’ve been broken. All I’ve known is heartache and pain. It’s etched into my bones. Branded in my heart. But every time I was knocked down, I stood back up. And no matter how dark my world appeared, I believed I would see the sun again. And that’s what happened the day I met you. The sun rose that day. And everything I’ve ever known changed in the blink of an eye. I watched the rays burn through the clouds. I saw that light touch your eyes and I knew it was over. The world I knew ended. I stood a little straighter. I lifted my head a little higher. I watched that darkness retreat just a few inches beyond my outstretched fingers. Though I knew…

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