At Dawn

In the darkness of my bedroom I think of you the most.

I think about your chest pressed against my back.

I think about your arm around my waist,

stroking each curve you’ve remembered like wood grain.

I think about your voice,

its calming quiet which envelopes me in safety.

I think about your head on the pillow beside me

or how as you fall asleep holding me

you become heavier,

sinking into me as your muscles relinquish to the night.

I think about the warmth between us

and the unspoken longing.

I think about the love we’ve shared atop of these sheets

– passionate and endless.

I think about the conversations we’ve had,

how our hearts have been spilled

and then retrieved by the other

and put back together.

I think, in this darkness,

about how much my morning misses you

and how much my night adores you.


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