#MeToo Writing Contest First Place: Kristiana Reed/Window and Walls

Blood Into Ink

window and walls.jpg

The rubble lies before her,

prostrate and submissive,

chalky remains of her defences,

soft rock and twenty-year old bricks.

This was her fortress,

her safe place and prison,

over the years the lines had blurred,

no longer sure if these walls were built

to ward people off

or keep people in.

Now, she stood in a dust cloud,

crumbling air settling thickly

into every pore and in her lungs,

swaddling her in a blanket of vulnerability,

left naked as the centre of attention,

a yellow bulb lighting every flaw

she had smoothed over with the plaster

piled around her feet.

The question which usually went to voicemail

hung, immovable before her eyes;

Do we rebuild?

It came from voices of versions

of herself – stubborn and soft,

happy and cross,

warm and cold,

all with the same wish,

to rebuild and forget,

to shun regret

and cast humility to the…

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4 thoughts on “#MeToo Writing Contest First Place: Kristiana Reed/Window and Walls

  1. Brandewulf says:

    There is something different about this piece. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s definitely another voice in here. It’s your’s, of course, but you’re speaking to us from somewhere else. It’s incredibly powerful.

    Liked by 1 person

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