Selfish (Weekly Prompt #8)

The moon asked the clouds

if they enjoyed being selfish.

Hazy gluttony oppressing

the glitter of grey and light,

a sea of darkness

encroaching on Earth’s edges,

forceful fingers searching

for Space.


The moon wondered, when

did she lose so much respect?

Clouds parted like curtains,

peacock feathers and the Red sea

for Her – glistening furiously,

too dangerous to touch

or stare in the eye,

burnt orange and fierce.


The moon thought perhaps she

was selfish? – hoping to shine

in the great pool of darkness

she called her home.

There were cracks,

and pock-marks all over her skin

grainy and pale, yet none of this hurt

when a little light shone through.


If the clouds would be so kind

as to let it bleed through.



WP #8: selfish

Link your response to this prompt below.


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14 thoughts on “Selfish (Weekly Prompt #8)

  1. ricardohanleyjr says:

    The clouds in one voice said to Luna, you deem me selfish why? When I cry I give of nurturing tears that bring years of drought to its knees, I become a thick mist in the Rising heat so that the predator cannot see and the prey shall flee. I am like you, a humble watcher in the sky, you deem me selfish and I don’t know why?

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