Prompts are coming…

Yes, I am in Game of Thrones mourning.

In anticipation of my inability to juggle writing and teaching, I have spent the best part of an evening thinking of a way to keep writing when work gets busy. School starts again next week and ever since beginning this blog last October, I always struggle to keep up the momentum of posting regularly. So, what’s the plan?

Weekly prompts for you and I to share. This evening, I have written down words and phrases I have either seen somewhere or just pulled from thin air. I will be sharing each prompt in the following way:

  • On Wednesday, I will pick out the prompt from a hat (toiletry bag, but that seemed less exciting and magical…) and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Follow the blog there, if you would like a head start.
  • On Friday/Saturday, I will post my response to the prompt, here on My Screaming Twenties and share as usual through social media.

The reason for doing this, is to keep me inspired and writing. However, what I would love would be to see your responses too and share them. I am all for cutesy, let’s pat each other on the back circles. To get involved:

  • On Twitter – reply to the original tweet/use #screamingtwenties/@blogtwenties in your response!
  • On Facebook – post your response in the comments section.
  • On WordPress (if you’re fancy) – use the prompt as your title (and in your response too if you wish)/link back to my response for that week/post a link to your post in the comments of my response.

I will be retweeting, liking, commenting and reblogging (cutesy, let’s pat each other on the back style).

Ultimately, this idea is to keep me writing and disciplined so regardless of if anyone joins in, I hope you enjoy what I create. Oh, and this begins, today!

Side note, I will still continue posting other stuff sporadically. But, trust me, from next Monday when students return and grades, books and Macbeth occupy most of my brain, sporadic can soon turn into silence.

Thank you for reading!

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