Friendships Based on Fiction

The first excerpt from ‘Swear to Me’, a collection of poetry (being released on 0ctober 24th in Canada and the US) to raise money to help fund a project aiming to help young people tackle their own wellbeing, healthily. Please support this in anyway possible, it is wonderful. I also have the honour of having one of poems published in it.



I originally had a set excerpt schedule for this book. As it grew longer, I wrote more for it, and more people contributed, that schedule grew.

Here is the new schedule, with FOUR excerpts now scheduled prior to October 24th.

Aug 21- “Friendships Based on Fiction”
Sept 11- “Wards”
Sept 30- “The Guilt”
Oct 15-“Mania”

Without further ado, here is the first, “Friendships Based on Fiction”.


Feels like all my
friends these days are
fictitious, and ever
since the real ones went on
their business,

I’ve chiselled new ones out of
derelict space, akin to giving
beach balls
on desert
islands a Sharpie face.

I’m writing new ones to
take the old ones’ place,
‘til killing them
off when
they weigh me down like
self-medication at
street price.

No filler, all pain
killers and poltergeists.

Spare me sugar and spice,
ramen and rice holds its
own revelations.


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