Bandini the Man

Photograph: Alan Taylor-Reed

His delusions of love

Wandering Hollywood boulevard,

Preaching a lust,

Following the scent of her curves,

Kissing Woman’s shadow,

Breathing in the cigarette smoke

From their lips.


His bones shivering with hate.

Anger snapping Mother’s rosary,

Broken praying hands,

Mary’s worshipped innocence,

Foolish and pretend,

Whilst cursing in a confession,

To only cry again.


His teeth chatters catching the wind,

Lost memories and famish,

Whispering between the leaves,

Stumbling through the snow,

Sick of the stink and headless,

Fleeing those black eyes,

A bloodstained womb.


His poisoned dreams,

Fantasies and ecstasy,

A bathtub swirling with women,

A belly tickled with liquor.

Distasteful and heartbroken,

Sinking deep into a world,

Thoughts intoxicated with romance,

Always a performance.


His skin burnt from kneeling

On the brink of fiery depths,

Beaten and battered,

Laughing in His face

All holy and forgiving,

A nihilistic sinner always,

Crashing down forever.


Once again Bandini strikes,

The devil’s blessed man.

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