Femininity (Spoken Word)

Content warning for sexual assault. 

For the spoken word version, click here.

Aged 13 a man followed me into town by my side until I asked him why.

Aged 14 I was told I was frigid, not good enough or girlfriend material.

Aged 15 I was emotionally manipulated by a man who should have known better.

Aged 19 I bathed, for forty minutes, oblivious of the man who stood on the sink in the stall next door and watched me.

Aged 20 my personal space was invaded, my thigh touched by an unknown man on a train.

I have not been sexually assaulted. Yet, my femininity has been violated, my womanhood taken advantage of.

‘Oh it was harmless’ a wardrobe staple, instead of an LBD because that’s too provocative.

I have not been sexually assaulted.

Yet, millions have and will be as we continue to ignore the survivors and the victims, the invisible scarring and mottled buried bruises.

She could have spent her life unflinchingly, unconcerned about the man opposite her in the carriage.

He could have been liberated, not abused, instructed to ‘man-up’.

We could live in a world where sex doesn’t sell and rape does not form as a constellation in the night’s sky and on our thighs.

As long as it is ‘could’, as long as equality seems utopian, we will continue to raise our voices in unparalleled clamour for all who need us too, we will continue to identify as feminist and we will continue to fight back; because, since the dawn of time it seems, Adam has been attempting rip out the rib, given to Eve.



Photographer: Khusen Rustamov


3 thoughts on “Femininity (Spoken Word)

  1. theholiad says:

    I really like this one, as I’ve been finding out whilst I’ve been travelling guys will look to take advantage of you and it sucks. I feel horrible even saying it because I know not every guy does, but so many times a conversation has turned to “you’re beautiful/ a really nice girl..” and from there their intentions have been obvious and thankfully THANKFULLY I have not been assaulted. But I hate hate hate how it makes me feel, as though I can’t even pay a guy attention or banter with them, or just hold a conversation with a without them thinking it means I’m interested.

    Apparently being a backpacker or someone hearing you’re only in town for a week or a day makes you a window of opportunity.. I’m so tired of it.

    I’ve grown comfortable with how vulnerable I am out here by myself, but those instances make me realise just HOW vulnerable
    I am. I don’t see it as a weakness, but I hate being perceived as someone who will just get with anyone because I’m alone… what a bunch of idiots.

    Sorry for the vent, this is a very powerful post and I’m glad you wrote it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • kmac94 says:

      First of all, thank you! Secondly, I admire you because what perhaps shouldn’t be courageous is courageous in the world we live in and your experiences and instagram posts which share your vulnerability but also your strength to not allow this perception of your worth stop you are empowering. No doubt you will help or already are helping a lot of young women travel alone! X

      Liked by 1 person

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