I wonder if we ever swap places with those we knew and know in life?

Like how the bullied becomes a bully.

How often does the patient become a menace?

I wonder how much are we products of those who made us, and berate us? 

Genetics would seek to prove,

Whilst nature or nurture would argue differently.

I wonder if true tranquillity is possible?

When doctrine encourages bettering ourselves,

Constantly reminded we could be rather than we are good enough.

I wonder what ‘good enough’ is?

Perfectly baked undersides, a made bed or clean laundry,

A grades, homemaking and donating? All of which fade. 

I wonder why we stubbornly ignore perfectly sound advice?

Until we think of it ourselves.

Then there is blistering light at the end of dark tunnels.

I wonder about theories of love and loss.

Do we have more than one soulmate? Or one at all?

Is one born as another dies? Or do numbers simply ebb and flow?

I wonder about what really is important when asked to consider it. 

How can you prioritise what’s important when what’s important is the very question you are asking?

The stumbling block which prompted such empty advice. 

I wonder if change is change or perception, or a change in perception.

When I’ve changed or you’ve changed, is it actually the opposite? 

Instead we are the very same just with different glasses and hair. 

I wonder and I wonder, until I begin to question,

To question why I wonder and if it is worth wondering.

Is it?

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