Update: 1

This will be brief. I am aware, apart from my recent Age 22 post, you read mostly poetry on My Screaming Twenties – some of them personal, some tenuously autobiographical and others which arise from staring out of a window too long. However, that is about to change, slightly. Recently I was gifted a journal. A journal which pushes me to consider my level of confidence every day to combat moments of doubt and anxiety which have plagued me the last two years.

It is described as an Inner-Truth journal, so I cannot promise it will always be positive and light but I am determined to fill a page every day for the rest of this year. You will see each double page spread has a quote, space for the date and your thoughts and finally a confidence rating at the bottom.

Why am I telling you this? I aim to upload, as well as my sporadic uploads, every Sunday a summary of my week using what I have written in this journal. Some weeks it may be edited, condensed or shared in its entirety depending on the subject matter.

I hope it’ll help you get to know me a little better, although selfishly I hope uploading on Sunday will ensure I stick to it. I’ve seen over the last week the products of people’s year long projects such as One Second Everyday videos and I felt inspired to document this year, which presents itself as one where things will look up.

Enjoy – and if you have any suggestions for what I should call these weekly uploads, do leave a comment!


P.s. You can find this journal at Waterstones and on Amazon.


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