Review of Not Enough, Just Enough, A. B. Cofer

A. B. Cofer’s Not Enough, Just Enough is the first poetry collection I have read which strikes the beautiful yet painful balance of healing. Although Cofer masterfully considers the dark and the light, she also explores the grey. Opening with ‘depression’, Cofer immediately establishes this collection to read for comfort. I would say, at times, … Continue reading Review of Not Enough, Just Enough, A. B. Cofer

Review of The House With The Stained-Glass Window, Zanna Sloniowska

The House With The Stained-Glass Window by Żanna Słoniowska and translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones is undeniably a phenomenal piece of literary fiction. Słoniowska’s narrative focuses on a nameless protagonist and her experience growing up in Lviv, Ukraine throughout war and civil unrest. The protagonist’s story line is not linear - we learn more as she … Continue reading Review of The House With The Stained-Glass Window, Zanna Sloniowska

Crude Vellum

There are too many empty spaces. Desert stretches of things we ought to know; movements and people and crimes we should have learnt as well as Wordsworth’s daffodils  or the world wars in Europe.    We are accompanied in our centric - lonely in our fight against all things ‘not right’.  And our British tongues  … Continue reading Crude Vellum


Let’s burn ourselves beneath the stars, peel away the layers of sore skin until we are nothing but dust - cold, unfeeling light intertwined like struck matches torn at the edges by the fire between us, between our lips, between my thighs, love me and extinguish me, wrap your arms around my wilderness and free … Continue reading Sunburn

July 2020: call for submissions

The submissions window for July is now open on Free Verse Revolution.


To new and regular contributors to Free Verse Revolution, the July 2020 submissions window is open!

The theme will be Galaxies and it can be interpreted in any way you wish; space, other worlds, galaxies between us, how we are ever-evolving, the sky, the stars, or even sci-fi themed pieces. Anything!

I accept poetry and short pieces of prose which interpret the theme of the month in some way, and only one piece from each writer; but you may send up to three pieces for consideration.

Please follow the guidelines, it makes accepting your work and scheduling it for publication so much easier. I edit FVR alone so these guidelines do exist for a reason. Thank you.

Submission guidelines:

Send your submissions to

July’s theme: Galaxies

Interpret the theme any way you wish; you do not need to use the word as a title. Pieces may be previously published.

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This is a sweetness  I forget I am allowed.    Blue smoke shivering  in the late May evening sun, and you, a silhouette  against the trees and fields.    Dusk’s dying heat playing upon the music of your lips, a mouth open to taste  my summertime skin:   fears melting into my pores, shimmering gold … Continue reading Cherry