Ghost ship

Ghost ship is my body, left to wander and sink upon waves, the belly of squalls.  I traverse the ocean floor and disintegrate  in the north-easterly winds. I let the sun shine through me.   Ghost ship is my body without hands which feel, without a helm at which to stand and point yonder.  I … Continue reading Ghost ship


Remember the thoroughbred girls? The girls we watched in washroom mirrors and fell in love with. With kohl eyes,  powder puffs, chapstick lips & candy-floss pink cheeks. The girls who shot the pistol at the starting line and still finished first. Who took drugs and hearts like jumps, curled their knees beneath them. The girls … Continue reading Thoroughbreds

Kristiana Reed Interview / her second book / Flowers on the Wall

Thank you Candice for interviewing me about writing and my second collection, Flowers on the Wall!

Further updates: giveaway winners have been announced – @caitlinthornleywords and @diane_writes are the winners. I will be live on Instagram tonight (Sunday, 2nd August) at 8pm reading poems from the collection and work from incredible writers. ❤


Recently I had the great fortune to interview one of my all-time favorite modern poets Kristiana Reed and here, alongside her interview, is a short of her reading one of her poems from her second collection of poetry, Flowers on the Wall. This collection is coming out early August.

Candice: You have a background in Classics and you write a lot of very high-quality poetry that pays homage to your learning. Do you feel that helps you as a writer? And if so, how?

Kristiana: Thank you. The fact my degree is in Classics has afforded me a knowledge of mythology, of empire, of how history repeats itself, of the beginnings of poetry in the oral tradition, and of some of our earliest poets (Sappho, Theognis and Hesiod). Consequently, I find myself alluding to the past, our legacy and ideas which perhaps enrich the poetry I write. I think…

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August 2020: call for submissions

August submissions for FVR are open!


To new and regular contributors to Free Verse Revolution, the August 2020 submissions window is open!

The theme will be Nightmare and Dreams and this can be interpreted in any way you wish; sleep, aspirations, fears, literal nightmares and dreams, what dreams can teach us, what happens every night, insomnia. Anything!

I accept poetry and short pieces of prose which interpret the theme of the month in some way, and only one piece from each writer; but you may send up to three pieces for consideration.

Please follow the guidelines, it makes accepting your work and scheduling it for publication so much easier. I edit FVR alone so these guidelines do exist for a reason. Thank you.

Submission guidelines:

Send your submissions to

August’s theme: Nightmare and Dreams

Interpret the theme any way you wish; you do not need to use the word as a title. Pieces may be…

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Flowers on the Wall – advance review from Lois E. Linkins

Kristiana's second poetry volume opens with a quiet assertion of power, self-acceptance and self-compassion. The poet declares herself to be 'foolhardy and faerie, clumsy and pretty, angry at the world and everyone in it, loved and unloved but always in love.' ['I will'] A more fitting opening would be difficult to find. Reed's collection explores … Continue reading Flowers on the Wall – advance review from Lois E. Linkins