Issue II announcement

Submissions for Issue II are now open over on Free Verse Revolution: a literary magazine.

Free Verse Revolution:

Issue II: hermes (the kaleidoscope)

In the Olympian Pantheon, Hermes is perhaps one of the most multi-faceted gods. He has been linked to guiding those of have died into the underworld, he is the messenger god, he is linked to trickery, mischief and theft, as well as being the god of shepherds and boundaries. And so, he poses a wide array of themes and subjects to explore.

This led to imagining a kaleidoscope. The ever-shifting and changing colours, shapes and patterns. I expect Issue II to be eclectic – celebrating the surreal, the abstract and illusory. I encourage you to reach beyond your comfort zone and use the idea of ‘hermes’ to inspire your work.

As always, interpret the theme as you wish. We accept poetry, prose, photography, creative non-fiction and visual art. Submissions are now open and you can find our guidelines here.

Please respect the guidelines in…

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