My heart flutters in bruised magentas as time melts through our skin and solidifies in our bones; heavy.   Like amber hardening thick around the filigree wings of an insect, one thousand years old. We wish to crumble,   to fall into dust, leave on the wind with a sudden lightness; the disappearance of time … Continue reading Heavy

Review of Softly Glowing Exit Signs, Georgia Park

Originally published on Reedsy Discovery. Softly Glowing Exit Signs is Georgia Park’s second collection of poetry and, in my humble opinion, is even better than the first. Her first collection was witty, pithy and touching and Park established herself as a voice for the 21st century. Softly Glowing Exit Signs not only continues to secure … Continue reading Review of Softly Glowing Exit Signs, Georgia Park


Magnolia walls, all four and counting, breathe with us now, they know us now, so much so our skin begins to match: a canvas on which you compare me to every fruit the supermarket did not have, every flower you haven’t seen, every sunset discoloured by the evening news. Just magnolia is left, off white … Continue reading Magnolia

Review of The Thirteenth Circle, Chaz Allen

Originally published on Reedsy Discovery.  Allen’s The Thirteenth Circle is a debut which explores man’s relationship with faith, temptation and possessing a sense of self. Through a combination of poems, drawings and autobiographical excerpts. Allen tells his story in the hope others can relate and find solace. The drawings are fascinating; each one a different … Continue reading Review of The Thirteenth Circle, Chaz Allen

April 2020: call for submissions

April Submissions are open on FVR! The theme is Blossom ❤


To new and regular contributors to Free Verse Revolution, the April 2020 submissions window is open!

The theme will be Blossom and it can be interpreted in any way you wish; whether that be pieces about spring, the symbolism of blossom, a metaphor for innocence or a story about youth.

I accept poetry and short pieces of prose which interpret the theme of the month in some way, and only one piece from each writer; but you may send up to three pieces for consideration.

Please follow the guidelines, it makes accepting your work and scheduling it for publication so much easier. I edit FVR alone so these guidelines do exist for a reason. Thank you.

Submission guidelines:

Send your submissions to myscreamingtwenties@gmail.com

April’s theme: Blossom

Interpret the theme any way you wish; you do not need to use the word as a title. Pieces may be previously published.


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Being fair and balanced in book reviews – Kristiana Reed

A piece I wrote for Go Dog Go Cafe about writing fair and balanced reviews.

Go Dog Go Café

001d91cf466102d208956e5c126d4ddcYou’ve read a book and want to write a review, but the book was mediocre and you are frightened of offending the author. What do you do?

For almost a year now, I have written reviews for Reedsy Discovery, Amazon Vine and in support of indie authors. In this time, I have read brilliant books, discovered an appetite for memoirs I never thought I would have, and also forced myself to finish books that at best, were mediocre. The two- and three-star reviews are the hardest to write. Often, we feel obliged to support authors no matter what, especially self-published indie authors, but, if their work isn’t up to scratch, you owe it to the literary world and the author to be honest about what you have read.

So, how do you go about writing a review which is honest, yet fair and balanced? In my opinion, this process begins…

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